Brauhaase International Management

headquartered in Hamburg, Germany

The name BRAUHAASE is steeped in German brewing traditions since the opening of the family-run brewery E. HAASE LAGERBIERBRAUEREI in 1858. The brewery quickly established its reputation for the finest quality and technical excellence, which remain the BRAUHAASE GROUP's hallmarks today.

In the mid-sixties HAASE-BRAUEREI shifted its focus into niche markets overseas, beginning with the state-of-the-art 500,000 hl turn-key brewery in West Africa, Brasserie BB Lome, SA. As a technology transfer blueprint for its future projects, Brauhaase also assumed full technical and commercial management while training and educating local personnel for top technical and management positions.

The company was renamed Brauhaase International Management GmbH in 1989.

Brauhaase Brewhow Worldwide: As of January 1, 1997, BRAUHAASE's completed turnkey projects account for production of over 6 million hectoliters of beer per annum, and more than a million hl. of soft drinks. These projects cover all five continents of the globe and are located in 20 different countries worldwide, no less than 13 of which benefit from either a full management or a technical management contract with BRAUHAASE. A number of new projects have just recently gone online (Cameroon) or are currently in the planning or construction phase.

One of BRAUHAASE's most successful major brewery projects was the construction of the Golden Key Brewery in Putian, FukienProvince, People's Republic of China: this brewery produces Beck's beer under license and was designed and constructed according to Beck's specifications. After the original commissioning of the project in 1991, a major extension which more than doubled the installed capacity was commissioned in 1994.

As further proof of BRAUHAASE's much sought-after expertise, in addition to turnkey projects a further 9 major beverage projects have called upon our planning services in new plant construction and installed volume extension. These projects have accounted for production of a further 7 million hl of beer in markets ranging from Europe (for example the C÷lner Hofbrau Brewery in Cologne, Germany) to South America, the Carribbean, the Middle East and the markets of Thailand, Macau and Hong Kong.

Please have a look at some nice labels which currently are used or were used by breweries supervised by BRAUHAASE:

Solomon Islands




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